IT Field Engineers

IT Field Engineer

In a world of rapidly growing technologies, the need to meet the various demands around the Globe, it is highly essential to have a consistent plan of providing 100 percent customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is the only driving force for any business or company. In order to achieve that and to provide your service anywhere, any time and anyplace, then it is ideal to have on-demand IT Field Engineers lined up. These IT Field Engineers could ease your commitment with the end customer and provide their expert service without delay.

Who is an IT Field Engineer?

IT field engineers are on-call IT support technicians who are experts in troubleshooting issues related to hardware and software systems. They work on a contract basis and provide their service for all sectors and industries depending on their individual expertise.

IT field engineers are available across the Globe. Whenever you are in need of one, you shall use Smart Hands service to fix an appointment with a particular IT support technician for the specific client location you are looking for. The specific IT engineer will travel to the location specified and provide his services on your behalf to the end client.

IT field engineer is a qualified IT technician with excellent communication skills, troubleshooting skills, tech savvy, problem-solving skills and on whom you rely on to resolve your customer needs in a timely manner.


Why you need an IT Field Engineer?

The need for an IT field engineer is never a single reason. It is a collection of scenarios where you would be wanting to approach an IT field engineer. You have your business in a certain part of the world and you have clients across the Globe. Consider, you have a client who lives in other part of the city or country as an example. There is an issue that has to be fixed by your IT team, however, you do not have an office location in that particular city or country. In such cases, the options would be to travel to the client location but on short notice, it would rather be impossible. This is where IT field engineer proves the need. In such circumstances, you may approach an IT field engineer and provide him with the relevant client details like location, what the requirement is about, and what is to be expected from the IT filed engineer. Upon giving the clarity, date and time to IT field engineer, he visits your end-client and provides the on-site support which you had promised, if and when necessary. The IT field engineer troubleshoots and works on remediation depending the SLA defined.

IT field engineer is a client-saver. There are different SLAs defined based on the on-demand requirement that arises between a client and the provider. It is an efficient and an effective method to achieve customer satisfaction.

Benefits of IT Field Engineer

What can IT Field Engineers role offer to your business?

IT field engineers’ concept has been enforced by different industries all over the Globe. Their roles and responsibilities differ variably based on the client requirements.

IT field engineers are not permanent employees to your company or any company for that matter. They offer their services only, as and when required. This role includes documentation, troubleshooting, fixing a hardware, installations and configurations of systems and devices, etc, and more. It is expected from am IT field engineer to have more hands-on experience and not any random individual is put for the task. The role is given only to the specific individual who has relevant work experience and capacity to perform the specific task.



IT field engineers work on an SLA basis, say 2hours SLA or 4hours SLA – depending on the nature of the job requirement. They work with your client to understand your client concerns and provide on-spot resolutions. This requires excellent communication skills and critical thinking capabilities. They get paid as per the number of hours they work on-site on your behalf. There are no hidden payments involved.

To employ IT field engineer is a win-win situation for you and your client. This is because, your ultimate goal is to provide uninterrupted service to your client and your client expects the same from you. Therefore, having IT field engineer as a middle man is highly efficient as you may save IT cost. As, you are going to hire an individual with relevant qualifications and appropriate technical knowledge for the task.