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The Best Online Jobs For Freelancers


Being a freelancer has plenty of great advantages. You can choose your own hours, enjoy the conveniences of working Online and find some great ways to pay. Add to that the right to choose which job you take on, and it’s a fairly enviable life.

Finding a steady stream of possibilities, however, is where the challenge lies. To find the job worth your time and effort, you must be ready to put in the work. We’re looking at some of the most reliable and best-paid freelance roles’ around for this reason.

These are not just a side hustle; these are possibilities for becoming a business owner and making serious online money.

Freelance Engineer

Engineering is one of the most lucrative industries out there, whether you specialize in networks, wireless technology, security, data centers, or something entirely different. Sites such as make it easy to upload a resume and find independent opportunities to meet your niche.

It’s one of the most lucrative roles around, with an average salary of about $39 per hour. Of course, getting a foot in the door needs a lot of education. If you’re an engineer looking for a change in career pace, though, it might be worth looking into taking it freelance.

Virtual Assistant

Do you have any office or admin experience and a penchant for well-organized and detailed orientation? Basically, from taking customer service calls to managing emails to keeping schedules, this role is all about doing administrative services. Except that you do it from home.

A virtual assistant’s earnings can vary wildly, but at places like, the average tends to be around $22 per hour. You can do at least double that if you have experience doing bookkeeping work or assisting with high-level marketing.

Freelance Writing

For freelance writers, there are many distinct types of roles. Many of them work in affiliate marketing, but online ad copy writing, website content, press releases, and more can also make money.

The kind of work you’re willing to do and the expertise you bring will greatly affect your pay. Sites such as provide multi-linguists with rewarding opportunities. However, on average, freelance authors make $23 per hour.

Online Tutor

In order to work as an online tutor, you do not have to be a fully qualified teacher. In reality, most are graduates of college or students who are helping other students. Others are teaching school kids of all ages. is the largest online tutor network and a great place to teach all over the world.

It’s a great way to make money using what you already know, at an average hourly wage of $16 per hour. For those who want to teach English online, in particular, there’s a lot of room.

Graphic Designer

Handy with the software for image editing and got an eye for color theory? Graphic designers, working with web design companies, marketing agencies, and brands looking for separate visuals, can create a premium on the net.

A graphic designer makes about $30 an hour on an average, and that’s just like a beginner. The larger the portfolio grows, the more you’re able to charge. Sites like are built entirely around graphic designers, so if you want to make a decent living, that’s the best place to position yourself.

Data Entry

In the modern digital marketing landscape, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are rulers of the roost. Brands of all kinds and sizes try to build their followers, but they don’t have the time to do it or the social savvy. Where you come in is that.

You can make an average of $30 an hour if you have a talent for uploading great content and can maintain a relationship with your audience. That’s just like a newcomer. The more experienced you get, it increases exponentially. This is one of the markets with the most opportunities, out of all the examples listed here.

Social Media Manager

If monotonous work does not matter to you, then data entry can be a great place to earn some spare cash. You could look up without much hassle for entry-level data entry job opportunities.

Freelance data entry workers make about $15 an hour on average, but there may be some wiggle room for your own hourly rate to be determined.

Virtual Recruiter

Do you feel like helping others in their search for work? You post jobs for employers online as a virtual recruiter and look for listings for job hunters. The key to the job is being able to match a candidate efficiently for resumes.

A good place to look for opportunities for virtual recruiters is On an average, as a beginner, you can make around $25 an hour. However, you can find a niche in certain industries as your expertise builds, and make even more as a result.

Where can I find work from home-based job listings?

Hopefully, when it comes to your career choices, the work-at-home employment listed above gives you plenty of ideas. Being able to reliably find possibilities is important as an independent contractor. That’s why, for every job, we have noted at least one example of great part-time search engines.

It’s time to hop on, upload your resume, and start scrolling through the search results if you want to start earning cash. Using the online search sites available while building your own brand is much more efficient and effective.

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